COMACOE is a pioneer in Marine Surveys in India and offers Integrated Geophysical surveys and Geotechnical Engineering solutions to its clients, including – onshore & offshore surveys, surface and subsea positioning services, geophysical, geotechnical and foundation engineering, ROV services and Geoscience value engineering services for marine/coastal projects. Read more..

Owned, in-house survey and Geotechnical vessels with dynamic positioning, multipoint mooring etc capabilities coupled with in-house state-of-art laboratories and experienced personnel, enable consistent and high quality, dependable reports for COMACOE’s clients.

Till December 2016, COMACOE has completed over 200 survey and geotechnical projects, in water depths ranging from 0 to 500 meters, covering approx. 100,000 sq. kms and has drilled over 45,000 mtrs in different soil strata.

COMACOE owns and operates fully equipped survey vessels equipped with a wide range of survey equipment to meet a wide variety of applications and objectives. In addition, a full suite of systems for mobilizing on client-provided or owned vessels, barges or crafts of opportunity are always readily available at all our operating bases.  Highly capable and experienced personnel resources encompass all streams and consist of Hydrographic Surveyors, Land Surveyors, Geophysicists, Geologists, System Engineers, Data Processors, GIS CAD Operators and Analysts etc. An in-house training center ensures that all our personnel are continuously upgraded and kept updated with new technology developments and techniques. In-house training also enables continuous skill development and career progression of our employees.

With a history of over 25 years of doing marine surveys and being a pioneer in the field in India, COMACOE has the unique advantage of having conducted surveys and geotechnical operations all over India’s vast coast line and with most critical team members continue to be in the company since inception, the collective knowledge base and practical experience of operating in the marine environment across India’s coastline is extremely valuable and enables us to bid and successfully execute highly complex projects consistently in challenging environments such as Gulf of Cambay in record timelines with confidence. Needless to mention, this history of over 25 years of existence has led to high visibility and mutual respect within the marine community India-wide and this solid reputation painstakingly built over years of successful execution of 100s of projects goes a long way in ensuring success of our ongoing and future projects.

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Indicative range of Surveys & Positioning Services


  • Seabed Bathymetric mapping
  • Geophysical & Hi-Resolution Surveys
  • Pipeline Condition Monitoring Surveys with Cathodic Protection measurements
  • ROV Surveys
    • Pipeline inspections
    • Jacket Face inspections
  • Hazard Surveys
  • UXO Surveys
  • Surface Positioning Services
  • Subsea Positioning Services
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies
  • Oceanographic Studies
    • Current, Wave & Tide Observations
    • Beach Erosion Monitoring
    • Environment Studies


  • Coastlining and Waterline Delineation
  • Topographic survey
  • Cadastral survey
  • Pipeline route survey
  • Transmission line survey
  • Quantity survey
  • Precision positioning services
  • Seismic Refraction/Reflection/Resistivity survey
  • Environmental Impact Studies & Analysis

Geotechnical Investigations & Foundation Engineering

COMACOE offers complete range of Geotechnical surveys and Foundation Engineering studies from near-shore to deep ocean including GeoConsultancy, Offshore Geotechnical Investigations, Laboratory Testing Services, Offshore Foundation Engineering Services for offshore structures including renewable energy structures. Read more..

COMACOE has steadily expanded its marine geotechnical capability to meet the increased demand for integrated geological and geophysical surveys from shore to Deep Ocean including, seabed sampling, seabed CPT, jumbo/box coring, in-situ testing and rock coring by continuously evolving and expanding its inhouse fleet of jack up barges and geotechnical vessels with DP systems.

COMACOE applies state-of-the-art technology to identify, quantify and resolve problems associated with geotechnical design under difficult environmental conditions, onshore as well as near shore and offshore.

Our range of services for Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering includes:

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  • Geotechnical Investigations for classification of seabed strata and determining soil properties and strength, in shallow and deep waters
    • Integrated surveys
    • Offshore Foundation Engineering
    • Vibrocoring, CPT, Jumbo Coring, Box Coring
    • Drilling, Sampling, Rock Coring & Downhole CPT from Heave Compensated 4 Point Mooring/DP Vessel
    • Drilling, Sampling, Rock Coring & Downhole CPT from Jack Up Barges
    • Engineering Analysis, LPA, SRD, Pile Driveability, Settlement Analysis


  • Geotechnical Investigations for classification of ground strata and determining soil properties and strength


COMACOE provides consultancy services related to foundations for buildings, infrastructure projects, industrial complexes and land reclamation as well as hydrological studies.

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Offshore Geotechnical investigations

COMACOE acquires geotechnical and other data to characterise the subsurface. Data is collected using a variety of methods, tools and sensors ranging from drilling and sampling, wireline and/or seabed cone penetration testing (CPT),  geophysical methods to conventional drilling techniques across various water depths and geological formations and for the entire range of offshore structures requiring deep and shallow foundations.

Our combined Geotechnical capabilities make us the largest supplier of marine geotechnical services in India with global experience of successful projects in Kazakhstan, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, UAE, Sudan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Bangladesh, Mexico, Mozambique, Tanzania and Nigeria. We have successful completed campaigns in some of the most challenging marine environments in the world. Our fleet of dedicated drill ships enables us to provide tailored investigations in all the offshore regions of the world, from the shallow near shore environment to the deep waters.

Our field data acquisition capabilities are complemented by our other geotechnical services which include desk top studies, advanced laboratory testing, numerical and physical modelling of foundations and consultancy and engineering analyses. When these are combined with our specialists within COMACOE who operate in the fields of geology, geophysics and other related geosciences, COMACOE can deliver the total package from conceptual design, through installation, operation and field abandonment.

Our in-depth experience, technological capability and with suitable spread mean we can provide optimum solutions for the design, installation and operation of offshore facilities, anywhere in the world.

Laboratory testing services

Laboratory testing is an essential part of our geotechnical, materials testing and environmental analysis. COMACOE in house accredited laboratory perform testing to local and internationally accepted standards. High quality testing is performed using state of the art equipment.

COMACOE offers a range of laboratory and field testing services that address the need of clients in construction and related industries.

Offshore foundation engineering services

COMACOE uses the latest design methods and our own unique and comprehensive databases on soil and structure performance to provide safe and cost efficient solutions for our clients.

We undertake foundation and geotechnical analysis for the static and dynamic design analysis, installation, life performance, upgrades and abandonment of all offshore structures including:

  • Piled jackets
  • Gravity base structures
  • Floating Production Systems
  • Jack-up drilling rigs (Leg Penetration Analysis)
  • Subsea templates
  • Conductors
  • Risers
  • Pipelines
  • PLEMs
  • Suction anchors
  • Drag anchors

Renewable Energy Structures

With a global target for the renewable sector to provide 60% of the world energy by 2070 and the EU targeting an increase in the proportion of energy consumption from renewable sources to 20% by 2020, the current focus is on the rapid development of the renewable power generation capacity up to a scale that will meet these targets.

COMACOE offers a wide range of foundation and geotechnical analysis for the design, installation and life performance of Offshore Renewable Energy systems (Wind and Tidal).

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